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#Survivor #Naki # I'm ready for a forever home

Updated: Feb 8

Naki is the only survivor, of a fatal night last winter 2023 she was shot 24 times and lives to tell the tale.

All the street dogs lay sleeping, along came the street demons, they slayed multiple dogs that night, but not Naki.

Found hidden she had dragged herself off to safety & hung on until she was rescued the following morning.

Naki is a sweet spaniel type cross, she can be homed as an only dog, or a home with one or two dogs, but must be able to socialise with her own kind, she lives with a cat, so dog/cat savvy home is possible.

Naki likes to go out for walks & loves a cuddle. She doesn't like too many dogs at once & she prefers quieter environments.

Naki is living in a special placement since her injuries were too much to be in a communal kennel, so Naki is house trained. She would love her ticket from the Balkans to the Uk so she can begin her forever home journey.

Naki is spayed vaccinated & recovered from her ordeal. She has an EU passport & travels with Defra papers.

Who will give our Black Beauty her forever arms and home




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