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About Phoenix Rescue

Phoenix Rescue is a Balkan dog rescue organization that is wholeheartedly dedicated to rescuing dogs in need, providing them with compassionate care and nurturing them with love

From rescue to forever homes.

Learn more about our mission and how you can help us save more lives.

Our Approach

Phoenix Rescue, gives full commitment to rescued dogs & the dedication within the mission of finding them their loving forever homes.  

Advocating & proactively seeking to provide each dog with the care and attention they need & deserve.

From all welfare needs, medical treatment, emotional support, sharing their history as its known.

  An understanding of behaviours & traumas, promoting positive reinforcement training.

Placing them in suitable homes.

Click here to learn more about our approach and how we make a difference in the lives of the dogs we rescue.


Phoenix Story

Phoenix Rescue was founded by

Sasa Gabor her own dog a rescued english setter, Rufus ignited a passion.


Seeing the need for a new kind of dog rescue organization.

She embarked on a life changing  journey.

A mission to rescue & rehome

abandoned, abused neglected English Setters.

 Until the plea of other working & hunting breeds became so highlighted.

In a whole world of dogs in need,

this together with her love for dogs, saw her extended out to all sizes & breeds in need.

Sasa & her friends have been rescuing & rehoming Balkan & European dogs for over 10yrs 


rescuing over 350 dogs

rehoming over 250 dogs  

Phoenix is a community of volunteers, donors and advocates who are committed to helping the lives of dogs in need.

Finding them forever homes & a sofa of their own.

Join Our Cause

Phoenix Rescue relies on the support of volunteers like you to help rehome & fund kennels with the hope of helping all dogs. Whether you can help us with daily tasks, foster a dog adopt a dog or donate to our cause, your contribution can make a real difference.  Click here to learn more about how you can get involved and join our cause.

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