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#Johnny Setter #Male #looking for love in a forever home or a foster home.

Updated: Feb 8

Hi I am Johnny, a Male English Setter I'm nearly 7yrs old.

I was handed into the rescue by my family, some things had changed & they had to make a decision.

Sadly it did not include me.

I'm a great guy who lived in a home until that bewildering day. I was sad, confused & all I wanted was my home back, my female play pal & the kids, I had lost it all.

I've made some great pals in the kennels, where I am looked after & cared for, but I would love a home of my own.

I'm neutered vaccinated & I live in the Balkans so I have my EU passport & travel papers.

Ideally I would love a resident neutered /spayed resident companion and humans with kids are ok with me too. A snuggle up sofa and a bed of my own. A secure garden & a bone.




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